How do I light it?

The best way to light a frost pot safely is to light a bit of paper, cardboard or rag and drop it in the filler hole where the 3 hole throttle is located. 

What can I burn?

Vegetable oil, diesel, kerosene, waste oil (free of water) , NO PETROL.

How much fuel do I need to fill it with?

Fill with 20-30L.

How long does it burn?

The frost pot will burn 0.5-2.0L fuel per hour depending on throttle setting.

Can I burn wood in it?

No, frost pots are not designed to have wood burning in them. 

What are frost pots used for?

Traditionally used for keeping frosts off vineyards, grapes and crops. They can be used for a general outdoor heater, industrially for keeping concrete dry or in large open areas around building sites. These also make great heaters at weddings and other outdoor events.

How heavy is this?

The frost pot itself weighs approximately 13 kg empty and easily dismantled for transport. 

Do you ship NZ wide?

Yes, we courier frost pots all over NZ and internationally. 

Can I collect if I am based in Christchurch?

Yes, collection or drop off can be arranged if you are Christchurch based. Get in touch with us via email to arrange pick up.

What are frost pots made of?

The frost pots are made from steel and are electroplated galvanised. The electroplating burns after use. 

What area of frost protection does one frost pot cover?

A single frost pot covers a 10m radius area depending on the frost area and weather conditions. 


  • Do not leave children unattended around a burning frost pot. 
  • Frost pots should be at least  3metre clear of any vegetation, fences and structures 
  • Ensure frost pot is on concrete or non combustible surface.  
  • Frost pots should not be placed directly on dry grass or a wooden deck, place some pavers or timbers underneath the frost pot to protect the surface. 
  • Frost pots must not be used in a small confined area with a low ceiling. 
  • Waste oil should not contain water. 
  • If refueling ensure frost pot has cooled down before re-filling. 
  • Do not touch the frost pot while burning.